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We are Ivory Tower Your Luxury Wedding & Events Venue.

Make Ivory Tower a Part of Your Story

Ivory Tower, is located in one of oldest buildings in Preston, The Corn Exchange, Est 1822-1824. 20 years after the building was completed, a demonstration by striking cotton workers erupted outside the building, military became involved and saw four people lose their lives. In honour of these four people, a statue was built outside the building which we also pay homage to with our sister venue’s name, 1842 Restaurant & Bar.

A backdrop of Sheer Beauty

We have created a feature of this 200 year old building by stripping it back and exposing its original brick, with the addition of a uniquely designed central steel structure. Contrary to the buildings age, this gives the room a modern, industrial feel which is then softened with the luxurious fabrics of the emerald furnishings and brass finishes.

This creates a back drop to your ceremony to be one of sheer beauty, whilst not taking away from the moment and allowing it to be about you as a couple, simply enhancing the photo memories you can take away.

From the history books to, A New Chapter

Its true that this building is steeped in an abundance of history, but now its time for its new chapter. Opening its doors to unique and personal Weddings & Events.
We want to be different, we want to be unique and we want to make your Wedding or Event timeless.

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